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President's Report

Spring 2015 President’s Letter

By March 1, 2015No Comments

All of you are probably in a like mindset with me, in hoping Spring will come quickly this year.  This is always a time to think about Spring projects and the coming events for Oyster Harbor.  This year we hope to focus on adding more social events and getting into the finer details of Community improvements.


2015 ohca winter3

Oyster Harbor is planning a variety of Community events this year.  At this writing, the Social Committee is working hard to get a final list in time for the Spring newsletter.  As always, all events will also be posted on the Community website.

As for projects, we have completed a long list of major improvements to the Community over the last four years.  From repaving all the roads, to completely replacing the Oyster Creek Channel bulkheads, to getting flooding under control, these projects have taken a great deal of effort and coordination.  Last year we also started some smaller, more detailed improvements to the Community.  My hope is to continue to fine tune Community improvements to make our Community prettier and more functional for residents.

We will continue to improve the beach, build a circuit exercise course, do a lot of clean-up work on swales, remove overhanging branches, and add more plants.  We are currently building a list, and would like to ask the residents submit ideas where a small improvement can add to the overall beauty of Oyster Harbor.  Suggestions can be submitted anytime on our website at

Likewise, if you see something that needs to be fixed, the form is located at:

We hope to see everyone at the Community social events, and hear from those of you with ideas for improvements.  My thanks to all the Committees and to our Board of Directors for all of your support. Without all of you, Oyster Harbor would not be the great place it is to live.

We wish everyone in our Community a wonderful, safe, and happy Spring.  Hope to see you at the annual Sock Burning on March 20th.


Eric Epstein
OHCA President

Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.