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President's Report

Winter 2014-2015 President’s Letter

By December 21, 2014No Comments

With the coming of winter, we have time to decompress and look back at a great year for our Community.  Here is a recap of some of the things we accomplished this year.

Oyster Harbor had four great Community events this year consisting of a Summer party, two concerts and an Oyster roast.  The Oyster roast had over a hundred people attend.  In the 9 years I have been part of Oyster Harbor, this is the largest number of events that I recall. And every event was great!

2014 also saw some big fixes to our Community flooding issues.  On most of the Community streets, we have managed to get flooding under control, while reducing the run-off of rain water, that reaches the Bay and creeks within the first 24 hours after rain storms.  This has made is better for both residents and for the Chesapeake Bay.  While some standing water issues are still present in some areas, we will be working to identify those and fix them in the upcoming year.

In other 2014 projects, the Community got a new volleyball court at the beach, and a general beach clean-up, repairs, beach wifi, and some new amenities.  Free kayak and dinghy rack spaces were added to the Beach, the Washington boat ramp, and more spaces were added at Fishing Creek.

In 2015 Oyster Harbor residents can look forward to at least one Community owned sailboat, an exercise circuit course around the community and some new picnic tables.  As always if you have suggestions, please fill out our suggestion webform at .

Likewise, if you see something that needs to be fixed, the form is located at:

In closing, I would like to say thank you to a few of the people who have helped make 2014 such as great year. To Claire Dillon for all her wonderful work a Financial Manager of our community, which she switched to after leaving her position with us as our Community Manager to become a full-time school teacher. To Nick Jones as our new Community Manager, who has taken on jobs no one else ever wanted to do, such as scanning every Community document in our possession dating back to 1957. To Charlotte Schneider our Social Chairperson who orchestrated all the great Community social events this year. Charlotte is moving to England and will be sorely missed.  To Patty Jenkins, our Treasurer, who has agreed to continue to keep our checks flowing and money organized for another year. To Naomi Perry who is continuing as Association Treasurer and ensures all our slip fees and social event funds stay balanced.  To Kathy Burk, who for what I think is the 19th year, has keep our annual budget planning on track. To Dan Craig for again handling beach reservations, clean-ups, and for standing waist deep in water to personally fix our sea nettle nets each year. To Anthony Fox, an Oyster Harbor resident who owns Coastal Engineering and solved many of our Community flooding issues.  And lastly, to our neighborhood young adults who have pulled together this year to provide clean-up at the Oyster Roast, beach clean-ups, and light repairs around the Community.  Without all of you, Oyster Harbor would not be the great place it is to live.

We wish everyone in our Community a wonderful, safe, and prosperous 2015.



Eric Epstein
Oyster Harbor Citizens Association

Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.