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President's Report

Presidents Report and Agenda for January 28, 2014 Community Meeting

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Agenda for Board Meeting

Call to Order
Moment of Silence
Budget Presentation and discussion
Budget Acceptance vote
President’s Report
 – Parking issues
 – BGE Redundancy
 – Community projects
Old Business
New Business

President’s Report

This is one of our most important community meetings as it allows residents to approve our annual budget.  We are happy that we have been able to give a slight decrease in the taxes for the next Fiscal year.  Our goal is to continue sound management and financial practices, along with continued improvements to the community.
We have had huge oscillations in temperatures in the past 30 days.  The severe cold weather did not appear to do any damage, but we did have some localized power outages .  Work on the beach and Washington parking area has started.

Accomplishments to date

Since the last Community meeting, I have managed to get the following tasks accomplished:

Completed the following projects

  • Repairing boards on all of the piers
  • Cleaning up Fishing Creek Park
  • Removing all old crab pots and debris from the water around the docks
Started the following projects

    • Three additional Kayak racks (large one at Fishing Creek, small ones at the beach and Booker
    • A beach volleyball court put in at the beach
    • Repairs to Washington avenue pier and boat ramp
    • Repairs to the Washington Ave. parking area and slightly improved landscaping
    • A beach trash corral for four trash cans
    • Beach repairs to bench, gazebos, fence and landscaping
    • New steps to enter the beach gate
    • Booker pier repairs and new poles for the floating docks
    • A fish cleaning station on the Fishing Creek pier
  • Planning for cistern system and dog wash
  • Ordered Comcast services for free WiFi at the Beach this summer
  • Biohabits is applying for permits to begin work on Booker, Harbor and Creek Drives.

To dos for the next couple month

  • Continue work on projects
  • Create a GIS Map of community roads to plan maintenance work
  • We also plan to gather quotes to have a community-wide tree and hedge trimming of plants that overhang roads and swales, or cause blind spots at intersections.
  • I began to look at swale drain options for Ellis and Fishing Creek to prepare for spring rains/flooding.  We learned a lot from Biohabitats and would like to experiment on creating water drain areas.

Winter parking problems

We have had issues with parked cars creating a hazard for snow plows, or unable to access driveways due to ice and snow.   I have asks owners of cars with parking issues to make use of the lots at Booker, Harbor, Fishing Creek and Washington boat ramp, as needed, until March.  Please see the attached letter for details.

To summarize the letter, we understand that many residents are having many various types of parking issues.  We won’t tow any cars that park in these while the weather is bad about March 1st.   We will however tow cars that park on the streets, block snowplows or create a hazard for other cars.

Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.