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Do you have a local Company, Contractor, Laborer, Helper, or individual that you have used in the past, trust their work, and would recommend to a neighbor?

We have compiled a list of local contractors and individuals (such as a handyman) who have been referred by other Oyster Harbor neighbors. If you would like to refer a contractor to this list, please fill out the form below:

                Click Here to Recommend a Contractor (Postings can take up to 72 hours to appear)
This list is a volunteer service for our community. The Community assumes no risk, nor guarantees any accuracy of information or quality of work, or anything about what is posted on this page. Liability for any work is solely between the Contractor and the Resident. Some individuals may not want their personal information posted here (such as a babysitter), so please check with them first.

 Boat Services

  • Black Ruby Marine Services, Travis Kopp, 443-875-6663, – Will do marine engine work in Oyster Harbor. [Oyster Harbor Resident with many endorsers]
  • JD Mowing (Shrink wrapping boats in Oyster Harbor), Jonathan Diaz,, 443-333-7884, [Recommended by Eric Epstein, Nathan Shiflett and Greg Machon]
  • Peake Marine, Jessica Kubilus, 443-569-1274, – Will do marine engine work in Oyster Harbor. [Recommended by Eric Epstein and Greg Machon]


  • All Together Construction, (443) 534-8351,, drywall, roofing, carpentry, pluming. [Recommended by Keith and Amy Smith “Can’t say enough good things about All Together Construction.They are a reliable and professional team that will go over and beyond to give you the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. It was a pleasure working with them. I will sign them up to do future projects in my home. I recommend they be the first call for any home renovation project.”]
  • Annapolis on the Level, Dave Glessing, 410-533-8079, Eastport, All types of carpentry, additions and decks. [Recommended by Eric Epstein and others in OHCA]
  •  James Reppenhagen,  443-786-8642, Painting, Drywall, Framing, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing , [Recommended by Christopher Romero “James has literally saved me thousands of dollars on multiple projects. He has handled almost all my home improvement tasks as well as taken care of my rental property repairs. Anything he cannot do himself, he coordinates with licensed contractors and provides excellent advise.”]


  • All Together Construction, (see Carpentry)
  • James Reppenhagen, (see below)
  • Lucas Perdomo, 443-277-2504,, [Recommended by Eric Epstein]


  • B&G Electric, George, 410-979-4977, Licensed electrician who did most of the rewiring of Oyster Harbor Community areas such as the beach Gazebos and LED lighting. [Recommended by OHCA President]

 Exterior Siding


  • Gideon’s Flooring, – Wood floors and floor refinishing. [Recommended by Eric Epstein]


  • James Reppenhagen, (see below)

 Home Builder

  • Erik Schubert, – Builder and Oyster Harbor Resident


  • Jonathan’s Mowing, Jonathan Diaz,, 443-333-7884, [Recommended by Eric Epstein] updated 2018
  • LB Landscaping, Jose 410-798-9004 [Recommended by Lennie].


  • All About Painting, Joe Kluskey,, 443-254-5536 [Recommended by Eric Epstein]
  • Lucas Perdomo, 443-277-2504,, [Recommended by Eric Epstein]


  • Seth’s Plumbing, (410) 721-5955, Crownsville, MD, Licensed plumber,  [Recommended by Eric Epstein and Brent Allen, “Has done many projects from roughing a new bathroom to kitchen plumbing repair.”]


  • Teresa Todd Architects (Residential),, 1037 Lake Claire Drive, Annapolis, MD 21409, 410-626-7877


  • The Roof Guy of Baltimore, Keith Krashnak, 443-739-7882, – Specializes in flat and complex roof structures. [Recommend by Eric Epstein and other in OHCA]


  • Home Inspector, Building Specs, Gary Stag, 301-249-9770,,
  • Palmer Heating and Cooling, Russ Palmer (410) 994-7548, Edgewater, MD 21037, [Recommended by Greg Machon]