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Presidents Report and Agenda for September 8, 2016 Board Meeting

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Call to Order

Moment of Silence

Acceptance of Agenda

Acceptance of Board Meeting Minutes

  • Accept July meeting minutes

Treasurer’s Report and Budget Update

President’s Report

– Below

Piers & Harbors Report

– Included in President’s report

Green Committee Report

– Included in President’s report

Beach Committee Report

Old Business
  • Original permit data found for Mark Mink
  • AA County Sewer upgrades and generators locations update
  • Appraisal on 3342 Arundel on the Bay Road completed.
New Business
  • Preparation for Election this month and new candidates
  • Retirement of our Piers Treasurer

President’s Report, Piers Report and Other Reports Combined

We store all of our projects online, in Podio.  Below is a summary list of those projects and what has been accomplished since the last Board Meeting.

Projects and their status

Since the last meeting, here is a project status list:
  • Flooding (Cleaning out culverts)
  • Pier projects (In search of pilings)
  • Parking signs (new size requirements.  Will have new signs made. Some ordered, some still to be ordered)
  • Slip leases (No changes)
  • Sailboats and dock maintenance (Did not get completed)
  • Exercise course (Signs are done, some are mounted)
  • Land purchase possibilities – Purchasing land options, if possible
    • 3342 AOTB as Clubhouse – Appraised.  (Now researching)
    • 3313 Shore Drive – to expand beach (not started)
    • 3315 Shore Drive – to expand beach/wildlife area (May be dead-end as price variation is too high)
  • Harbor Pavilion (Awaiting decision on Clubhouse)
  • Summer beach clean-up (Went quite well)
  • Social events calendar for this season (Oyster roast to change, o fish fry)
  • Planning for cistern system, pier water and dog wash at Fishing Creek [In planning still, Anthony is looking into it]
  • Scanning old OHCA files is underway (ongoing)
  • Washington Saltwater swale at boat ramp  (Complete, but will change upper side, some indecision)
  • New gravel at Fishing Creek (Plan to add more gravel underway)
  • Repair Fishing Creek floating dock posts (complete)
  • Booker pump out (fixed)
  • Community Condition Assessment (about 80% complete – no new progress)
  • Oyster Harbor video commercial (begun planning and taking video, looking for music)
  • Nomination Committee has been appointed.  Same people as last year.

Board Approvals/Motions Needed

To accomplish these, we would need to Board to approve the following:
  • [No motions needed]
Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.