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President’s Report and Agenda for March 10, 2016 Board Meeting

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Agenda for March 10, 2016 Board Meeting

Call to Order
Moment of Silence
Acceptance of Agenda
Acceptance of Board Meeting Minutes
  • Accept December meeting minutes
Treasurer’s Report and Budget Update
President’s Report
 – Below
Piers & Harbors Report
 – Including in President’s report
Green Committee Report
 – Including in President’s report
Beach Committee Report
Old Business
New Business
  • Social events calendar for this season (Dates are set)
  • Flooding (Much better than past years – more projects)
  • Ideas to get volunteers for Roads, Community property and other committee positions

President’s Report, Piers Report and Other Reports Combined

We store all of our projects online, in Podio.  Below is a summary list of those projects and what has been accomplished since the last Board Meeting.

Projects and their status

Since the last meeting, here is a project status list:
  • Flooding (Much better than past years – more projects)
  • Pier projects (Budget vs plans vs dreams)
  • Pier rules change (A little more enforcement)
  • Slip leases (Would like to hire Winston II part-time to do lease paperwork)
  • Sailboats and dock maintenance (Would like to hire Ginsburg boys part-time to maintain sailboats and docks
  • Subcontractors (Jason, Greg, Anthony, Jonathan, Jose, Annapolis on the Level, others(?))
  • Exercise course signs (Verbiage needed)
  • Beach land purchase next to our beach (Update from Laura on house sale)
  • Harbor Pavilion (Early plans and permit status)
  • Beach erosion (Sand replenishment)
  • Summer beach clean-up (Same as last year)
  • Social events calendar for this season (Dates are set)
  • Planning for cistern system, pier water and dog wash at Fishing Creek [In planning still]
  • Porta-Potty enclosure [Test one is complete.  Will do a white one for Beach and move test one to Fishing Creek]
  • Scanning old OHCA files is underway (ongoing)
  • Create a GIS Map of community roads to plan maintenance work [Delayed]
  • Raising Fishing Creek Pier (New pilings and adding four temp slips at Fishing Creek (Complete where pilings are high enough)
  • Washington Saltwater swale at boat ramp  (Complete, but will change upper side)
  • Exercise Circuit course (Needs signs)
  • New gravel at Fishing Creek (Plan to add more gravel)
  • Trim brush around Fishing Creek and clean-up trash (complete)
  • Repair Booker floating dock posts (complete)
  • Beach sand repair from storms (mostly complete, more sand to be added this winter)
  • Electrical at Beach (complete)
  • LED light upgrades as Beach and Fishing creek (more complex than expected, but still underway)
  • Neighboring lot at Fishing Creek remove Phragmites (On hold)
  • Booker pump out (needs maintenance)
  • Shade for Harbor street light to address one resident’s complaints (underway)
  • Gazebo at Harbor (early planning)
  • Community Condition Assessment (about 80% complete)

Community Areas of Concern

This is a list of areas in the community that need attention:

Standing water

  • None currently on the list

Community Property

  • Fishing Creek parking area and park – No current issues.
  • Fishing Creek pier – Partially raised. Needs the main run raised and electrical work
  • Harbor Lot and play ground –  No current issues.
  • Booker Parking Lot – Need to add some gravel.
  • Washington Boat ramp – Swale plantings.
  • Beach – Move some sand to cover storm issues

Board Approvals/Motions Needed

To accomplish these, we would need to Board to approve the following:
  • Approval for utilizing some additional young people in the community
Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.