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President’s Report, Piers Report and Other Reports Combined

Projects and their status

Since the last meeting, here is a project status list:
  • Flooding work continues.  Washington Drive and Howard Road
  • Pier projects (Dock complete, working on dock electrical)
  • Piers Payments on PayPal/CC (in planning)
  • Parking signs (new size requirements.  Will have new signs made. Some ordered, some still to be ordered)
  • Slip leases (A couple open slips for smaller boats)
  • Sailboats  (Hopefully summer of 2017)
  • Exercise course (Repairs to hand holds on climbing wall needed)
  • Harbor Pavilion (Early planning, may do electrical in 2017)
  • Summer beach clean-up (underway)
  • Social events calendar for this season (2017 Calendar is up)
  • Planning for cistern system, pier water and dog wash at Fishing Creek [In planning still]
  • Scanning old OHCA files is underway (ongoing)
  • New gravel at Fishing Creek (Complete)
  • Repair Fishing Creek floating dock posts (underway)
  • Booker pump out (fixed)
  • Community Condition Assessment (about 80% complete – no new progress)
  • Oyster Harbor video commercial (Complete)

Old Business

  • Club House/property purchase update
  • Proposed variance for house on Venice Beach being fought by OHCA

New Business

  • Fire on Harbor Road and ideas for better preparedness
  • Obstructions in channel and near docks


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