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President’s Report:  8/15/2023

  1. /Admin:
    • Lease termination
  • Will close down office by end of August
  • ProCom coordinate move of boxes and move out (this week)
  • $2,000 deposit “clean and orderly, in same condition…” less wear and tear
  • Plan to authorize furniture removal and pay for cleaning once vacated
    • Update new annual/SCBD auditor search
  • Still looking for SCBD auditor—most firms no longer do them
  • Prior auditor informed we are not using him


  1. Nominating Committee/Elections
  • Elections meeting update
    • No space available on Tuesday, 9/26
    • Need motion to move meeting to Thursday, 9/28
    • Eastport Fire Station
  • Offices
  • 4 Board Members (1 will be elected for one year)
  • All officer positions (one-year terms)
  • Board Members finishing three-year term:
    • Calvin Kidd
    • Joe Matta
    • Nancy Plaxico
    • Dianna Zaring
  • In process of asking current office-holders their intent for next year
  • Nominating Committee
    • Chair: Mo Lewis
    • Members: Jeff Browne, John Boris, Pam Gratton, Arlene Jackson
    • Convening this week
    • Process overview:
    • Questionnaire will be mailed (email and US mail)
    • Approximately 10 days to submit questionnaire
    • Committee reviews questionnaires; vets candidates
    • Per constitution, committee mandated to recommend a slate


  • Elections newsletter will contain recommended slate along with completed questionnaires/documents from other candidates
  • Per constitution, nominations taken from the floor


  1. Committee Reports:
  • Finance Committee
    • Reserve Study Vendors, per email from Chair 8/2
    • Setting up meeting with each
  • Security
    • Addressed concerns with ICS: personnel only using flashing lights as needed
    • Address allowable noise and concerns with property owner on Shore Drive
    • ICS vehicle attempted break-in: car lock-box stolen; police report filed
    • Security check-in point at end of Cross damaged
  • Piers and Harbors
    • No update on dredging
    • Kayak Rack Clean-up
      • Notice via email and signs starting later this week/next week
      • Reach out to P/H Chair for tags
      • Unclaimed dinghy’s/kayaks/etc will be removed
      • 30 days notice
    • Community Property
    • Furniture being delivered this week
    • Parking subcommittee update
    • Interest in community yard sale/dumpsters 10/14-10/15
    • Beach
    • Roads


  1. Next OHCA Meeting

Annual Meeting/Election:

Thursday, 9/28 7:30 p.m.  Eastport Fire Station