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President’s Report:  10/17/2023

  1. Admin:
    • Office move: received security deposit  back $2,000
    • Annual/SCBD audit underway
    • ProCom issues
    • Policies
      • Need in writing
      • Process/volunteers?
    • Governance transition:
      • Contact information being updated on website
      • Emails being created for officers; board?
      • Truist account turned over last week (prior names off)
      • PNC signatories appt being made for Thursday
      • Getting new officers up to speed
    • Remediation Fine: $5,000 being submitted for payment this week
    • Legal fees: first payment of $10,000 will be submitted next week
    • Request by recording secretary for unilateral taping system to aid in minutes


  1. Committee Reports:
  • Finance Committee
    • Miller-Dodson + $453:  added bulkhead, sheds, cameras, skateboard ramp; need board approval for additional amount (total now $3,935)
    • Need new chair
    • Once new chair in place, will review bidding/procurement policy
  • Security
    • Evaluating hours post Halloween—may keep  on but at fewer hours
    • New camera for FC Park/Pier—presentation on options next meeting
  • Piers and Harbors
    • Dredging?
    • Kayak Rack Clean-up:
      • Re-evaluating timing
      • Will send email end of week (newsletter)
      • ProCom to get signs
    • Community Property
    • ProCom Project List
    • Sinkhole at Washington/Booker pier, fixed on Friday (earlier than projected by Bay Ridge)
    • Parking sub-committee Update
    • Yard Sale Walk (thank you Jen Bowles):
      • Saturday 11/11
      • Set-up yard sale in at your home (let Jen know; we’ll publish participants)
      • Unsold items:
        1. Sending links for Green Drop—try to schedule pick-up for same days
        2. Dumpsters 11/10-11/13
      • Beach
        • Gate lock issues: fixed to get in; have heard of issues with button not working to get out?
        • Need new chair
      • Roads
        • Shore Drive flooding/pooling patterns have changed. Will be looking at flap valve and checking for clogs in culverts
        • Process of applying for stormwater management grant is moving along smoothly
      • Recreation
        • Oyster Roast 10/21
          • $3,000/association funds
          • Burgers, dogs, oysters
          • Band
          • BYOB
        • Halloween
          • Parade on Saturday, 10/28 at 4:30 p.m.
          • Washington and Booker—start at 5:00


  1. Next OHCA Meeting

Tuesday, 11/28 at Hillsmere Elementary School