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President’s Letter for Fall 2015

By August 20, 2015September 18th, 2015No Comments

Its that time of year again. I don’t mean the end of summer. I don’t mean back to school. I don’t mean time to think about Labor day cook outs or the upcoming community Oyster Roast.  What I really mean is that its that time of year for Community Elections.  Its one of only two times in the year we REALLY, REALLY need residents to come to the Community meetings.  The other time is to approve the community budget so we can submit it to the County.

Please, mark your calendars for Tuesday September 22 at 7:00pm and come to St Anne’s School to vote for new Officers and Board Members.

Where did summer go? We have had the most mild August weather I can recall in many, many years. Southerly breezes made Thursday night Yappy Hours even more fun.  Some Thursdays we had over a dozen dogs romping, swimming and playing at Fishing Creek.  It was a lot of fun.  With so many people coming to Fishing Creek, we decided to add a Port-A-Potty there. We also had many requests for dog and dinghy wash station – so that is in planning for next Spring.

The Summer Beach concert on August 15th brought over 120 residents to our beach. Johnny Steele did his usual great performance. We had the addition of a Food Truck to serve meals and drinks. I had to be out of town and missed it, but I am glad everyone had such a great time. A special thanks to everyone who pulled it all together.

Check the calendar for the upcoming Oyster Roast and for the Chili Cookoff!

Beyond summer events, you may have noticed the teams of people cleaning and repairing Community property this summer.  Increased beach use has increased our trash output over three times what it has been in past years.  So we now have a dedicated community resident doing Friday, Saturday and Sunday beach trash clean-ups.  You can make his life a whole lot easier if you ensure all trash from your private parties and day of lounging on the beach gets to the proper trash cans.

For those not in tune with what tasks are required in maintaining Oyster Harbor, here is a short list of what Spring and Summer bring in maintenance. Mowing, weeding, tree trimming, flood management, mulch, flowers, rain garden clean-ups, swale cleanups, brush and hedge trimming, Sunday doggie station clean-up, Friday thru Sunday daily beach trash clean-up, pier repairs after unusually high tides, pump out maintenance, Friday seaweed removal and beach sand clean-up, dumpster delivery three times a year, sign maintenance, parking lot repairs, swing set repairs, hired security service coordination, bulkhead inspections, playground inspections, paying bills, tracking the budget, website upkeep, coordinating community and Board meetings, and many other tasks I can’t recall at the moment.

We also spend a good deal of time planning upgrades to community property.  We still have an exercise circuit course in the works, community owned sailboats to figure out how to manage, dock repairs and a bit of electrical work to get done before we call the year’s ‘to do’ list a success.

Want to know more? Please come to the Community meeting on September 22nd to vote and get all the latest scoop on what’s happening in Oyster Harbor.

Let’s hope summer hangs on a bit longer.



Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.