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As the prediction for Hurricane Florence matures for our area, we will provide updates here on how Oyster Harbor may be affected.



Our best estimate as of 2 pm, September 16, 2018 is as follows:

The remnants of Florence will arrive in our area about Tuesday, September 18th or later. High tides are between 9-11 am and 9-11 pm Tuesday. Storm surge may be 3-4′ above normal. (In comparison, this past weekend the remains of Gordon were 3’8″ above normal).  Winds may be in the 30 mph range.

Florence no longer seems to be an issue for our Community except for some expected light flooding mid-week. This could change. This prediction by no means downplays the incredible severity of the Hurricane and the damage that were brought to the Carolinas and Southern Virginia.

Also, please note that the Conowingo Dam opened flood gates on Wednesday September 12th, bringing other complications to our Community between now and September 18th.

This is only a ‘guesstimate’ based on currently available data.

Impact on Oyster Harbor

Our best guess on the impact to our Community is as follows:

  • This will bring about the same storm surge and wind that we experienced this past weekend. It will not be anywhere as big as Hurricane Isabel in 2003.
  • Flooding will reach into Shore Drive, Washington Drive, and parts of Cross, Creek, Fishing Creek, Oyster Creek, Thomas Point, Ellis, Howard and Harbor Roads.
  • All Community docks should be fine.
  • The boat ramp will probably be under water.
  • The Community floating docks may have some risk.
  • Parts of our Community may loose power, especially Ellis, Fishing Creek and parts of Creek Drive, which lack redundant power feeds.
  • Winds may not have a large impact, but may affect:
    • Kayaks and small boats in our Community racks.
    • Loose lawn furniture may blow away and be dangerous.
    • Tree limbs may fall, and older trees may be at risk of falling.
    • Boats in slips may be damaged
    • Tree branches and leaves will cover the roads
  • Cars parked at the Harbor Playground/Parking lot will be safe from flooding
    • Feel free to park on the grass and use all available space
    • Please leave your name and phone number, on a piece of paper on your dash, so we can coordinate moving cars out after the storm

Preparing for a Hurricane

Please refer to the Oyster Harbor Disaster Preparedness web page for more information on preparation, local and state emergency sites, and other pertinent information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Eric Epstein
Oyster Harbor Citizens Association

Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.