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Oyster Harbor’s Participation in AA County Public Schools eLearning Initiatives 2020

By April 10, 2020No Comments

AA County Schools are moving ahead quickly with eLearning programs for county students.  Teachers are reaching out to students to provide a plan, assistance and guidance.

Oyster Harbor cares about our students and is supporting eLearning to make it easier and more fun for our residents. Here are some of the ways our Community is helping:

  • Community rewards for completed classes online
  • Free WiFi at our Beach and Fishing Creek Park (SSID: ‘Oyster Harbor WiFi’, PW:’ohca2014′)
  • Loaner Chromebooks, on the rare occasion, where school provided Chromebooks are not available*
  • WiFi technical support to access the Oyster Harbor WiFi network

Oyster Harbor eLearning Rewards Program – Oyster Harbor students who complete online classes for AACPS eLearning courses, Khan Academy or other recognized online system will be given ‘points’ by the community. At the end of this school year, points can be cashed in for gift certificates at local ice cream parlors, restaurants and other participating stores in Annapolis.  Points will be determined based on the course type and difficulty.  To submit your completed classes for points, please click here.

Additional information on AA County eLearning is located at

* A very limited number of Chromebooks may be available.

Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.