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If you are a resident of Oyster Harbor and are in need of additional assistance, we are here to help. Our Community has many people who are ready to volunteer to assist with snow removal, periodic check-ins if need be, mowing and other volunteer tasks for our elderly residents and those in need.

For some residents shoveling snow is not something they can do any longer due to their age. For others, a short term issue may prevent them from doing normal chores like taking out the trash, or they need someone to check on them periodically.

Please complete the form below, and we will work with community volunteers to assist you as best we can.

NOTE: Completing this form does not commit volunteers to assist you, but will give us the knowledge of your need so that we as a community can try to coordinate assistance. Financial assistance is not offered.

Volunteering to Assist

If you would like to volunteer to assist other Oyster Harbor residents in need, please complete the form below and tell us what you feel you can do to assist.

Thank you,
From your neighbors in Oyster Harbor