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October 2015 Board Meeting Minutes and President’s Report

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Agenda for October 15, 2015 Board Meeting

Call to Order
Moment of Silence
Acceptance of Agenda
Acceptance of Board Meeting Minutes
  • Accept May meeting minutes
Treasurer’s Report and Budget Update
President’s Report
 – Below
Piers & Harbors Report
 – Including in President’s report
Green Committee Report
 – Including in President’s report
Beach Committee Report
Old Business
 – Hiring Jason Haynes, and the young people in the community has saved OHCA many thousands of dollars. The pier work alone has saved $40,000 so far.
 – Jason Haynes has been instrumental in getting many projects completed.
New Business
 – Shade for street lamp on Harbor, new LED lights installed by BGE
 – Minor storm damage

President’s Report, Piers Report and Other Reports Combined

We store all of our projects online, in Podio.  Below is a summary list of those projects and what has been accomplished since the last Board Meeting.

Projects and their status

Since the last meeting, here is a project status list:
  • Planning for cistern system, pier water and dog wash at Fishing Creek [In planning still]
  • Add four more picnic tables (Complete)
  • A beach volleyball court put in at the beach (Complete)
  • First set of shirts and jackets are finished.  Board members may select theirs.
  • Porta-Potty enclosure [Test one is complete.  Will do a white one for Beach and move test one to Fishing Creek]
  • Scanning old OHCA files is underway (ongoing)
  • Create a GIS Map of community roads to plan maintenance work [Delayed]
  • New pilings and adding four temp slips at Fishing Creek [In planning]
  • Install piling caps at Fishing Creek pier [Complete]
  • Raising Fishing Creek Pier (Complete where pilings are high enough)
  • Washington Saltwater swale at boat ramp  (Complete, but will change upper side)
  • Washington Ave. swales survey and permit application (cancelled)
  • Exercise Circuit course (Will build our own, rather than purchase one, underway)
  • Kayak dock at Booker (Complete)
  • Community tree trimming (Complete)
  • New gravel at Fishing Creek (Complete)
  • Trim brush around Fishing Creek and clean-up trash (Complete)
  • Repair Booker floating dock posts (underway)
  • Beach sand repair from storms (underway)
  • Electrical at Beach (underway)
  • Neighboring lot at Fishing Creek remove Phragmites (Planning)
  • Booker pump out (Pumped fixed, but adding light – underway)
  • Replace five lights with LEDs (in planning)
  • Shade for Harbor street light to address one resident’s complaints (underway)
  • Gazebo at Harbor (early planning)
  • Community Condition Assessment (about 70% complete)

Community Areas of Concern

This is a list of areas in the community that need attention:

Standing water

  • [To address] Still some flooding on Creek after new house was built. Helen Granado’s house is most affected.
  • [Fixed] Ms Cherry’s swale repairs need to be re-checked. Probably need to talk with her on what she thinks needs to be changed
  • [Complete] Flooding from Paper work (Cedar Rd) into homes along Ellis and into Ellis Road.
  • [Complete] Flooding on Ellis
  • [Fixed] Fix standing water in Biohabitats area on Harbor

Community Property

  • Fishing Creek parking area and park – No current issues. Add two more picnic tables.
  • Fishing Creek pier – Partially raised. Needs the main run raised and electrical work
  • Harbor Lot and play ground –  No current issues.
  • Booker Parking Lot – Need to add some gravel.
  • Washington Boat ramp – Swale plantings.
  • Beach – Move some sand to cover storm issues

Board Approvals/Motions Needed

To accomplish these, we would need to Board to approve the following:
  • Approve Fishing Creek neighboring area Phragmites clearing
Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.