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President's Report

Fall President’s Letter

By September 2, 2014No Comments

The hottest days of our summer have hit when Fall is almost upon us.  Our area has had the good fortune of a gentle and unseasonably cool summer.  According to local climatology data, we did not have a single rainy Saturday all summer.  Hopefully everyone has been able to enjoy that weather and our community facilities.

This summer Oyster Harbor had two Beach concerts, a Community summer beach party, and some very successful happy Thursday night happy hours. I’d like to thank Charlotte Schneider, our Recreational Committee Chair for organizing these great events.  I hear she is working on an Oyster Roast for this Fall.

At the last Board meeting, we noticed that its easy to tell how popular our Community areas are, by the amount of trash in the trash cans each week.  The Beach use has required that we coordinate additional trash pick-ups due to its increased use.  Its great that our Community areas are used, and we were happy to increase trash pick-ups.

We added free WiFi at the beach (password is ‘ohca2014’), which according to the traffic logs has been pretty popular.  There are two WiFi networks, one with a password for Oyster Harbor residents and one without a password for guests and attendees at Beach events. The guest login is slower and limits access for users.  Its intended for guests to be able to post photos on Facebook, etc., but does not have very high-speed access. The regular network, with the password, is a business class system that will let you do work from your beach chair, should you be so inclined.  It is designed to manage bandwidth so that many users can enjoy the service.

The nice weather has also allowed us to have many successful projects this summer. We cleaned out the swales on Fishing Creek, and Ellis, which has almost eliminated all standing water after a heavy rain.  We trimmed a majority of the roadside trees in our community and built large rain gardens along Harbor and Booker roads to capture rainwater.  We also did a lot of small repairs to Community property.

I’d like to remind residents that if you see something that needs repair or maintenance work in the Community, please fill out the Damage/Maintenance form on our website and let us know.  Most things go un-repaired in our Community mainly because we don’t know about them.

We are compiling a list of projects for this Fall and next Spring.  We’d like to hear from Residents as to what projects you would like to see us do. We will be discussing them at the September Community Meeting, along with the elections.  We’d like to get as many residents to attend a possible, as we both need a quorum for the elections and we’d like to hear from a larger portion of the Community on what projects everyone would like.

Some ideas for 2015 projects are:

  • Port-a-potty enclosure (delayed from 2014, but still on the list)
  • An exercise circuit course, with exercise stations around the community
  • Free WiFi in other areas of the Community
  • Security cameras in certain areas
  • Flood control and swale work on Washington Drive

Got any other ideas?  Please come out to the Community meeting and let us know your thoughts.

In late August our Community was hit with a rash of car break-ins.  It wasn’t just Oyster Harbor, as the surge of Annapolis-wide break-ins has made national news. We are working with our AA County police liaison officers on precautions to take.  As always, it is important to lock your cars and keep easily stolen or valuable items out of view. We hope the police catch to group responsible for the break-ins.

We hope to see everyone at the Community meeting on September 23rd, at 7:30pm at the St. Anne’s School, and wish everyone a wonderful Autumn.

Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.