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President's Report

Board Meeting Agenda and Presidents Report for September 6, 2018

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Call to Order

Moment of Silence

Acceptance of Agenda

Truncated meeting to discuss election preparation tasks.

  • The Election committee reports that all officer and board candidates information is ready for the Community Meeting.

President’s Report, Piers Report and Other Reports Combined

We store all of our projects online, in Podio.  Below is a summary list of those projects and what has been accomplished since the last Board Meeting.

Projects and their status

Since the last meeting, here is a project status list:
  • Flooding (Review of Washington, Harbor, Fishing creek, Shore and bordering with the Cedar Rd/paper road)
  • Nitrogen, sediment and oil traps (Early planning)
  • Pier projects (Looking into a dredging permit – working with AnchorQEA for permits)
  • Harbor lot upgrade for power, pavilion, water tank, shed repair and basketball net (Electrical complete, tank planning started)
  • Buying property (On hold as we need to petition the County. Would need a champion)
  • Piers Payments on PayPal/CC (in testing)
  • Community signs (Tow away signs are still to be sized & ordered. Other signs are complete)
  • Slip leases (Will start working on it in Feb)
  • Community Sailboats/boats  (Two lasers complete, one under repair. Rowboat is complete, procured two combo kayak paddle-boards, working on waiver)
  • Exercise course (Minor maintenance)
  • Spring beach clean-up (in planning)
  • STEM programs (Full support of Robotics at HES, coding academy, & support for PTA for theater/school play)
  • Laptop loaner program partnership with Charting Careers (Testing concept)
  • Social events calendar for this season (Will have set by March 1)
  • Dog wash at Fishing Creek (Winterized)
  • Planning for feet wash at Beach (In planning and awaiting decision on Club House on Shore)
  • Repair Fishing Creek floating dock posts (Complete)
  • Booker pump out (Open for use)
  • Community Condition Assessment (about 85% complete – no new progress)
  • Fishing Creek WiFi (Complete)
  • Secure space on website (In Testing)
  • Scanning old OHCA files is underway (almost complete)

Board Approvals/Motions Needed

To accomplish these, we would need to Board to approve the following:
  • No motions are needed for this meeting
Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.