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President's Report

Board Meeting Agenda and President’s Report for Feb 23, 2021 Meeting

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***Zoom Call due to the Pandemic***

Call to Order

Moment of Silence

Acceptance of Agenda

  •   Acceptance of Board Meeting Minutes (To be edited and sent before the next meeting)

Treasurer’s Report and Budget Update

  • Review spending to date

Discussion of Reports

  • President’s Report
    • Below
  • Piers & Harbors Report
    • Included in President’s report
  • Green Committee Report
    • Included in President’s report
  • Beach Committee Report
    • Included in President’s report

Old Business

  • Still working with the county on flooding on AOTB road (Need county assistance)
  • Discussion with county about Boat Ramp slips (Need a variance)
  • Some parking issues to resolve still (Underway)
  • Better documentation of duties for Pacer (working well)
  • Jason doing speed checks (working well)
  • Spanish speaking part-time security (in progress)

New Business

  • Creek Drive swales

Board Approvals/Motions Needed



President’s Report, Piers Report and Other Reports Combined

We store all of our projects online, in Podio. Below is a summary list of those projects and what has been accomplished since the last Board Meeting.

Projects and their status

Since the last meeting, here is a project status list:

  • Painting square at boat ramp (planning)
  • Dredge the channel in Oyster Creek (research and planning)
  • Water tank/fire hydrant at Harbor lot (Discussing with fire dept.)
  • Pavilion at Harbor lot (feasibility study and survey are done, looking for a commercial architect)
  • Rain garden on Shore & Ellis (underway)
  • Washington Drive flooding work (mostly complete)
  • Creek Drive swale maintenance (in planning)
  • County No Parking & Speed Limit signs (Completed)
  • Speed Radar sign
  • Slip leases for 2020-21 (Underway)
  • Collect the older 2018 minutes and add to archived minutes (underway)
  • Add 2019 meeting minutes to recent minutes on website (underway, way delayed)
  • Phragmites removal at 1300 Harbor Rd (discussing with the county, test areas in progress)
  • Large rocks at Fishing Creek pier sides (complete)
  • Fishing Pier board replacement (Complete)
  • Broken piling and rotted pilings at Fishing Creek Dock (Completed)
Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.