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Do you have questions about MDE’s violation notices against OHCA (and several other private landowners) which require removal of unauthorized landfill from community wetlands?

Do you have factual or policy concerns about what you might be reading on social media about the trail between the west end of Cross Road and Thomas Point Road?

YOU CAN GET ANSWERS from members of OHCA’s Request for Proposal (wetland remediation) Committee by clicking on the link below and providing a contact number.

A senior member of the Committee (Dan Craig, Chairman; Winston Dunkley, OHCA Board Vice Chairman, and/or Kathy Burk, OHCA President) will get back in touch with you to help address your concerns, including the status of remediation efforts with the County and the State, a possible site visit, identifying which land is involved and why, and discussing the history of OHCA  wetlands along the undeveloped Cross-Creek paper road.