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President's Report

Agenda and President’s report for September 18, 2014 Board Meeting

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Agenda for Board Meeting

Call to Order
Moment of Silence
Acceptance of Agenda
Acceptance of Board Meeting Minutes
  • Accept May meeting minutes
  • No Quorum for July meeting
Treasurer’s Report and Budget Update
President’s Report (See above)
Piers & Harbors Report
Green Committee Report
Beach Committee Report
Old Business
New Business

President’s Report

Below is a list of what was accomplished since the last Board Meeting.

Accomplishments this month

Since the last meeting, I have managed to get the following tasks accomplished:
  • Nick is settled in and doing well at his job as Manager
  • Claire is onto a routine with Community Financials
  • Added Kathleen Peddigree at Security Chair (Board approval via email vote)
  • We increased beach clean-up, although at times, even twice a week was not enough.
  • Ellis road is finished and drains much better
  • Biohabitiats has finished their project. Additional plantings my be done.
  • Most of the tree trimming in the community is finished.  If you see areas missed, put in maintenance request.
  • The following projects are still underway
    • A beach volleyball court put in at the beach [NET ON SPECIAL ORDER due to size needed]
    • A fish cleaning station on the Fishing Creek pier [Still needs raw water]
    • Porta-Potty enclosure [Didnt get to it]
    • Planning for cistern system and dog wash [Pushed to next year, as no time to work on it]
    • Prep table at Beach to be permanently mounted
    • Stain steps at Beach
  • New pad installed at playground
  • Scanning old OHCA files is underway
  • Ordered and received a plaque for Claire
  • Converted the Community email to Google Apps for Business

To dos for the upcoming Months

  • Create a GIS Map of community roads to plan maintenance work [UNDERWAY]
  • Add four slips at Fishing Creek [PLANNING]
  • Install piling caps at Fishing Creek pier [SUBMITTED QUOTE FOR PART OF IT]
  • Finish the Berm and water re-direction for the paper road
  • Back-up all electronic info to Google Drive account

Community Areas of Concern

This is a new Section I am trying to track areas of concern in the Community.  Here is the list I have:

Standing water

  • [FIXED] Flooding on Creek drive from road and new home construction.  Working with Bob Eyster and observing the construction and how it affects the water runnoff.  As the home nears completion, we will look at the way the water flows to determine what to do next.
  • [To ADDRESS} New flooding area on Washington Drive.  New homes past Booker have been experiencing flooding in front yards as the builder never installed swales or a way for water to flow toward Booker road. We should look into this issue.
  • [FIXED] Flooding in swales between Harbor and Fishing Creek.  The swales are not in an easement that we know of.  The Fishing Creek work seems to have reduced the flooding, as the water can now drain some.  But some flooding is still an issue.
  • [FIXED] Flooding on empty lot at the top of Fishing Creek road.  The swale work has reduced the flooding somewhat.  The lot, like a couple on Arundel on the Bay road, are lower than the swales and don’t drain. Although there is not much we can do, I thought I’d list it.
  • [In progress] Flooding from Paper work (Cedar Rd) into homes along Ellis and into Ellis Road.  Will be addressed in August.
  • [FIXED] Flooding on Ellis

Community Property

  • Fishing Creek parking are and park – No current issues
  • Fishing Creek pier – Replace some missing boards and put new piling caps on (project underway)
  • Harbor Lot and play ground –  No known issues.
  • Booker Parking Lot – No known issues
  • Washington Boat ramp – Will need some sand behind the kayak rack.

Board Approvals/Motions Needed

To accomplish these, we would need to Board to approve the following:
  • No motions/approvals needed
Kathy Burk

President of the Oyster Harbor Community.